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Enter the card ID's and click Calculate. The first card is the starter card. Pegging will show the score of the last card played.

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The starter

The player on the dealer's left cuts the undealt portion of the deck (leaving at least 4 cards), and the dealer reveals the top card, called the "starter" or the "cut", placing it on top of the deck face up. (It is illegal to peek at any other cards in the deck during this process.) If this card is a Jack, the dealer scores two points for "his heels", also known as "his nibs", or simply "nibs". The game can end on a cut of a Jack for the dealer.

The play (Pegging)

In addition to scoring one or two points for the last card, players score points according to the following rules:

The show

Once the play is complete, each player in turn receives points based on the content of their hand. Starting with the player on the dealer's left, players spread out their cards on the playing surface and calculate their score based on these four cards and the starter card:


A cribbage hand counter tool.

What is a Cribbage Calculator tool?

A Cribbage Calculator for scoring the Hand, Crib, and Pegging cards. A great cribbage hand counter tool. This tool will count your cards and display a breakdown of the scores. The card calculator will score the hand or crib. The hand and crib score slightly differently as well as the cut card.

What is the highest possible scoring hand?

29 points. Four Fives and a Jack Card. The four Fives create a "double pair royal" giving 12 points. The Fives and the Jack create eight different ways to form fifteen giving 16 points. The Jack's suit matches the starter card awarding "his nobs" for 1 point. This creates a total of 29 points and the best hand possible in Cribbage. The odds of getting this hand is 1:216,580!

Can you score 27, 26, or 25 points with a hand in Cribbage?

No. There are no combinations that can score 27, 26, or 25 points.

When was Cribbage invented?

Over 500 years ago in the 17th century. According to John Aubrey, the English poet Sir John Sucking created Cribbage.

What is the average Crib score?

The Crib scores 4.5 points on average.

What is the average Hand score?

The Hand scores 8 points on average.


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